Girls Aloud to embark on a farewell tour?

Despite the group's members saying that there is no way that Girls Aloud are splitting up, the rumours just won't go away: the latest news is that the legendary girl band are planning a reunion/farewell tour to mark their tenth anniversary next year.

According to the Daily Star Sunday (so you can take this all with a pinch of salt) the girls want to get together some of the biggest female names in pop music, like Alexandra Burke, The Saturdays and Leona Lewis for a 'ladies' night', while an ITV1 Audience With... show and a greatest hits album are also being arranged. It will be a sad day when the girls hang up their pop togs, that's for sure.

'The early talk is a short three-week tour towards the end of the year, finishing at Wembley,' a source said. 'The Wembley Stadium idea is to get a few of the hottest girlbands and female performers like Leona Lewis, The Saturdays and Alexandra Burke on board and bill it as Ladies' Night, with them headlining.

'It would be a good way for the band to pretty much say goodbye - maybe forever. If it doesn't come off fans will definitely get the chance to see all five singing together again.'

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