Girls to continue with Cheryl AND Nadine

Despair not, all you 'love machines': you may think you need 'no good advice' but we have the latest information from Girls Aloud that will make your 'long hot summer' all the better: the group will be producing another six albums with all five bandmates, the Metro Online reveals.

Despite the fearless five-some - who became Britain's most successful girl band with top-selling singles such as 'Biology' and 'Something kinda Ooooh' - deciding to take a break recently, Nicola, Sarah, Kimberly, Nadine and Cheryl will be joining each other in the studio fairly soon, a spokeman announced on Friday.

Fans were worried when the group was put on hold so that each band-mate could pursue their own interests: 'Cheryl launched her highly successful solo career, Sarah Harding continued with acting, Kimberley Walsh had a go at presenting, Nicola Roberts launched her own beauty line and Stateside Nadine hit the recording studio.'

With Cheryl just recently released from hospital and Nadine's solo album yet to be launched, the future now seems bright for the fab five.

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