Give us your money

Ever since the birth of Napster all those years ago, the music industry has been trying to find a way to stop you downloading their property over the internet, bypassing their coffers completely. This is especially true of the millions of music industry lackeys who we could all do without, like U2 manager Paul McGuiness, for example.

He and the hordes of other people who only exist thanks to the bands generating the income which makes them rich are growing extremely worried about the future of the industry, and want to see all this disgusting thievery stopped – right this instant. For his part McGuiness wants governments to force Internet Service Providers to clamp down on illegal downloading, and suggests that services such as Spotify are the way forward as a way of getting money out from the pockets of music lovers.

‘I am convinced that ISPs are not going to help the music and film industry voluntarily,’ he wrote in an article for GQ. ‘Some things have got to come with the force of legislation, President Sarkozy understood that point when he became the first head of state to champion laws to require ISPs to reduce piracy in France.

‘In Britain, the major political parties have understood it, too. Following the passing of new anti-piracy laws in April's Digital Economy Act, Britain and France now have some of the world's best legal environments for rebuilding our battered music business.

‘Households will pay for a subscription service like Spotify, or they will pay for a service bundled into their broadband bill, to an ISP such as Sky and Virgin Media. But many customers will also take out more expensive added-value packages, with better deals, including faster access to new releases.’

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