Glasto sells out!

What? You didn’t know that tickets to Glastonbury went on sale on Sunday? You were hungover anyway? Well, its true: Glasto 2011 tickets went on sale at the ungodly hour of 9am on Sunday and they did sell out, in record time too (4hours 15minutes we’re told). But don’t cry if you didn’t get a weekend camping pass because more are expected to be re-sold in the coming months.

Tweeting like a mad-farmer on illegal highs during tickets rush, Michael Eavis wrote; ‘we're very sorry to those of you who didn't get tickets, and acknowledge there were some issues with the website/phoneline due to the sheer volume of people trying to get through.’

As is always the case all the tickets were sold without public knowledge of who would be playing the Somerset festival, but on Friday (1 Oct) U2 laid down their biggest hint that they’ll be heading to Worthy Farm. On U2.com the band advised fans to buy tickets to Glastonbury when they went on sale at the weekend with their manager Paul McGuinness adding ‘we're certainly excited about our plans for next year. Watch this space!’

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