Glasto World Cup games announced

As we all know, 2010 is a World Cup year. This means that everyone who has a vague interest in sport or even a gram of compassion for humanity running through their blood will be watching at least some of it - even if they are shunning the local to go to Glasto.

While not everyone who's going to Glastonbury will give a Zinedine Zidane about the World Cup, there will be a good few thousand who do, so the lovely farmers have decided to show the England matches on the big screen, should the team get that far in the tournament. The matches that will be shown are England v Slovenia on Wednesday June 23rd at 3pm and the 2nd round match (depending on where England finish in their group) on Saturday June 26th at 7:30pm or on Sunday June 27th at 3pm.

The Slovenia match will be shown on the massive screen on the Pyramid Stage whilst the 2nd round match will be elsewhere (bands have already commandeered the main stage). Surprisingly, though, no other World Cup matches will be shown at Glastonbury, not even on a black & white portable in a distant Green Field - quite literally, spoilsports!

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