Glastonbury 2010 sells out in one day

Without even the slightest confirmation of an act playing, Glastonbury 2010 has sold out in one day. Those who did the obligatory registration in advance set their alarm clocks for 08:55 yesterday morning in time to pounce on the phone lines at 9am and grab tickets for the annual hippy fest.

By the afternoon the official Glasto website released a statement saying: "Tickets for Glastonbury 2010 went on sale at 9am this morning (Sunday October 4) and the festival's 40th anniversary is now sold out. Thank you to all those who bought tickets. Confirmation emails are still in the process of being sent out."

Tickets for the festival were priced at £185 each - £10 more than last year. But don’t worry if you weren't lucky enough to get through, more tickets are likely to become available in March of next year.

Acts rumoured to headline the world famous Pyramid Stage are; The Foo Fighters, Bob Dylan and Muse.

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