Glastonbury 2011 headliner ‘sorted’

So, that’s it, another Glastonbury done & dusted and ‘dusted’ being operative word because by all accounts it was the sunniest & driest Glasto on record. Way Hey!

Headliner feedback is that Gorillaz were ‘Stylo over content’ with lots of revellers calling it ‘boring’, Muse were ‘awesome’ aided & abetted by U2’s The Edge on axe and Stevie Wonder was ‘perfect’ in bringing the whole shebang to a climatic close. But with 362 days until Glastonbury 2011 head farmer Michael Eavis has confirmed that he already has the headliners ‘sorted’.

Giving a speech on site yesterday, Eavis said he had ‘three really good headliners’. Obviously he didn't say who they were but speculation is that bailers U2 are definitely one of them, high possibility Coldplay the other and most likely Kylie Minogue if not Radiohead the third.

To top of Glastonbury’s 40th Anniversary, last night Stevie Wonder invited Michael Eavis on stage to duet with him of his classic ‘Happy Birthday’, much to the annoyance of the people with ears.

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