It is THAT time of year? Yes it is, it is the Glastonbury 2011 tickets sale!

Don't know what the Glastonbury Festival is all about? Mate, you have been living under a rock! It is THE biggest green field open-air music and performing arts festival in the entire world! And in 2011, the line up includes U2, Coldplay and Beyonce and more! Affectionately known as the Glasto, this concert features music, dancing, theatre, comedy, circus, cabaret and much, much more! It is held over three days during the last weekend of June and is located in Pilton, Somerset in England.

Ok, now we all know what we are talking about, onto the tickets! The Glastonbury 2011 tickets sale can be found at a number of different outlets. A great place to start is by visiting the festivals very own website, the Glastonbury Festival. First, you have to register on the site to be able to purchase tickets. Second, ticket sales open on 1st April and trust me, they are going to sell out quick so you better have your internet connection well and truly set up. Third, if you reserve a ticket between 1st and 7th April, you have a week to pay for it from when you first reserve it on the site...so you have a bit of time to gather together the £145 that you need. After 7th April, you need to be able to pay the full price of the ticket upfront. Once your ticket is paid for, it will be sent to you via DX Secure Services to the address that you specified when booking. You will also need to sign for your tickets at the point of the delivery. They should arrive around 14 days before the festival begins.

Remember: your ticket may not be enough for you to enter the Glastonbury Festival. Additional identity information may be requested at the gate, so make sure you bring your passport, identity card or some form of legal ID with you!

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