Glastonbury 2013 Day One: Beady Eye, Rita Ora and Chic

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Liam Gallagher bestowed his blessings on the Glastonbury faithful with a not-so-secret appearance from Beady Eye. Heading onstage at 11am seemed a little incongruous for the hard-living former Oasis singer, but he seemed sufficiently up for being the unofficial curtain-raiser for Glastonbury 2013.

Beady Eye's material might not be entirely familiar but he obligingly threw in the occasional Oasis classic, blowing away a few Glastonbury hangovers with 'Rock 'N Roll Star'. "I thought it was a bit early to get the rock'n'roll aggro out but it was one of the best gigs I've ever been involved in," Liam said afterwards.

Elsewhere, Jake Bugg was actually on the bill, already looking for a more mature sound than he showcased on his debut album just a few months ago. The scourge of One Direction showed that his influences are venerable old hippies from the 60s, covering Neil Young's 'Hey Hey My My', to the bemusement of most of the audience and the delight of a few old relics from the festival's formative years. Bugg's desperation to be seen as authentic in an era of assembly-line pop is touching, if misguided.

Professor Green instigated the first big Glastonbury 2013 singalong with 'Read All About It' while Rita Ora modelled the most striking Glastonbury outfit with her tattered red number. The highlight of the evening though was Nile Rodgers pretending that Chic were not a pristine and utterly cool 70s disco outfit but in fact a bunch of troupers ready to get down and dirty in the Glastonbury mud.

Their set was an irresistible reminder that Rodgers wrote most of the dance classics from the 70s and 80s. 'I'm Coming Out', 'Upside Down', 'He's The Greatest Dancer' and 'We Are Family' were banged out in a killer opening salvo before the set closed with one festival under a groove to an endless version of 'Good Times'. Top that Rolling Stones.

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