Glastonbury 2014: Weather forecast not music to festival goers ears

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Music fans gearing up for the weekend at Glastonbury have been teased by gorgeous sunshine in the days leading up to Friday's kick-off. It won't last though as the sunshine will be joined by heavy showers to make for a typically wet weekend.

Those who have arrived early yesterday and today have been able to pitch their tents in near perfect conditions. Unfortunately though, the infamous British weather is about to literally put a dampener on the festival as rain is forecast to arrive late this evening and continue overnight.

Friday is set to be the wettest day of the weekend with big downpours expected to ensure that attendees will be in their wellies all day all the way until Arcade Fire take to the stage on Friday night. Saturday is expected to also see it's share of rain as temperatures will dip slightly to about 18 degrees celsius.

So with all that bad news it is just as well that festival goers will have a stellar lineup to help them get over the miserable weather. There is, as always, music to suit everyones taste whether that be headliners Arcade Fire, country legend Dolly Parton or heavy metal heroes Metallica. Godspeed music lovers!

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