Glastonbury 2015: Foo Fighters reveal they will headline iconic festival

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Foo Fighters are going to headline the 2015 Glastonbury festival in Somerset this coming summer. In what will be a long overdue appearance, the US rock group will return after not having played the venue since way back when in 1998.

Dave Grohl broke the news during an acceptance speech at the NME Awards last night. Grohl delivered the speech via video after the band was named Best International Act as the band were not free to attend as they are currently busy with other commitments.

Grohl broke the news in a typically unassuming manner when he said warmly "We're very thankful and very happy, sorry we couldn't make it tonight but we will be seeing you over the summer at some big outdoor festival that nobody knows we're playing. It's Glastonbury! So we'll see you at Glastonbury, thanks a lot everybody."

The rock group are the first official act to be named for the festival although it was announced last year that Lionel Ritchie would be playing a set. Foo Fighters will also play a number of dates around the UK including two concerts at Wembley arena in June.

Co-organiser of Glastonbury Emily Eames could hardly contain her excitement at having secured one of the biggest names in the game. She beamed "They are one of the greatest live bands on the planet, they're just incredible. I mean Dave Grohl just ignites the field and will do something phenomenal. You so rely on those incredible live bands to take you somewhere else."

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