Glastonbury cancelled!

Are you going to Glastonbury next year? Then if you are, savour every moment because it’s the last time you’ll be able to swig hallucinogenic cider on Worthy Farm until 2013, at the earliest.

The Olympics are taking place in 2012 and a wise king farmer Michael Eavis sees that as a very good reason for his beloved Glasto to take a year off. Talking to the Western Daily Press about his decision he said, ‘...the thing is we've got the Olympics happening in 2012 so they'll need everything like all the loos and all the security and all the trains. It's a job to get enough trains now and we need more trains because we're trying to increase the public transport to Glastonbury. So we have decided to take 2012 off.’

Mr E (how apt) also added some kindle to the headliners rumours fire saying that, ‘most of the rumours already out there are pretty good, I must say. There's one missing out there that is a really good one that people haven't latched on to yet, so I'm very pleased about that. It's good to have one surprise.’

Coldplay, Radiohead, Kylie and U2 are the forerunners to headline the Glastonbury next year. One thing is for sure Take That won’t be heading to Somerset, they ruled themselves out today (27 Oct).

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