Glastonbury Festival 2010 stage times & first weather report

If you’re not going to Glastonbury Festival then this news will do absolutely nothing for you, but if you are then geez, this could be the greatest thing you’ve ever heard....it looks it's going to be a dry one this year.

Yes, Glasto isn’t until next weekend, but according to the Met Office Worthy Farm is expected to be free of the wet stuff. John Hammond from the weather centre confirmed the good news to the Guardia: ‘the weather we're experiencing in the south of England is mainly dry with sunny spells. As we progress into the beginning of next week, light winds and a dry theme to the weather are likely to prevail.’

It’s still too early to 100% confirm that Glasto won’t be a mud bath but early signs are promising: ‘We can't be too particular at this early stage and won't have a more detailed forecast until Monday (21 June). However, it has been predominantly dry in Somerset and this is good news for campers as even if it rains during the festival, the ground will be dry.’

Also, organisers today released stage timed for the 25-27th June dates. See the full running order here Glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/lineuptimes

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