Glastonbury nice

Crusty festival goers have had some good news from the bods organising Glastonbury this year, especially those who have been struggling to pay off the full cost of their ticket. Why? Because Glastonbury have pushed back the deadline for paying up by two whole days, a very nice gesture indeed.

All monies were supposed to be in the coffers by 11:59pm last night, but if you’re struggling to pay you have until the same time tomorrow to cough up the dough. Whether two extra days is ever going to be long enough to scrape the money together is anybody’s guess, but at least once the full £185 is settled you too will be able to see the likes of U2 and Muse headlining the main stage. Erm, hooray?

If you’re still not sure about what the ramifications of this story are, why check out the check out the Glastonbury website, where you’ll have all your worries soothed, maybe through a pot of hippy tea....

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