Glastonbury sells out in 100 minutes

Thinking of buying a ticket for Glastonbury 2013? Too late. The tickets sold out within just one hour and 40 minutes of being made available online. There may still be the chance of picking up some resale tickets that may become available once the line-up is known.

Organisers Michael and Emily Eavis were surprised and gratified at the numbers willing to pay £205 for a weekend ticket before knowing any of the bands that will be playing. “We're genuinely humbled by the sheer number of people who would like to come to the festival,” they said on the website, "and we dearly wish we could have you all along. Sadly, that just isn't possible, which means a significant number of people have missed out. Tickets were being sold throughout the morning, but demand simply outstripped supply."

After Glastonbury took a year off in 2012, Emily Eavis admitted to having a little uncertainty about how much demand there would be for 2013. "We never rest on our laurels," she said. "Even last night I woke up thinking, oh God, maybe it's not going to be as fast as we think. You always have some doubt."

The line-up is still being finalised. Rumours suggesting that the Rolling Stones might play the festival, to mark their 50th anniversary, have been denied by the band. "People always want to see some of the more legendary performers," Eavis said. "It's no secret that we'd like to see the Rolling Stones here, because they've never played before. But there's no sign of that yet."

Optimistic Stones fans might seize on that little word, "yet".

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