Glastonbury tickets on sale!

Your dust covered rucksack is probably still dumped in your living room, you haven’t removed the wristband from your wrist and you’re still gloating to friends about ‘the best weekend of your life EVER’, well, are you ready to do it again people?

If so, set you alarm clock for 9am (actually, to be safe, a little earlier) on October 3rd because that’s the time and the date the first batch of Glastonbury 2011 tickets will go on sale. As with recent years hippies will need to register via the Glasto website first, then on Oct 3rd test their patience (on the phone/online) and lay down a £50 deposit for a ticket.

Revellers can get tickets on the day from here and 0844 412 4635 but won’t see the money vanish from their bank accounts until April 2011.

It’s still unknown who will headline Glastonbury 2011 but Radiohead, Madonna and Coldplay are hotly tipped.

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