Glasvegas storm off stage at V Festival

There's a tradition of throwing stuff at bands that goes right back to the very beginning of the Rock 'n' Roll era: OK, so it might have been knickers from screaming female fans instead of bags of urine thrown by drunken idiots, but you've got to keep your styles fresh, right?

So it's a pity that shoegazing bores Glasvegas decided to storm off stage at V Festival in Chelmsford yesterday after being pelted with bottles. The band, who were placed – weirdly – between Katy B and Chase & Status, decided that they were done after four songs, prompting accusations that they weren't appreciative of the more pop audience that they had attracted. The band then released an odd statement about what an honouir it is for them to play live and crowd safety. Very strange to hear such a health and safety-obsessed band.

'It's an honour for Glasvegas to play in front of any crowd,' said the statement. 'They performed at Pukkelpop before the storm blew in and we were reminded first hand how important safety of a crowd and band are. The kids that come along to the festivals are pasisonate about their music - they've saved and sacrificed for months to pay for tickets and want to have an amazing weekend.

'The line up of the Arena Stage is very different from 'rock n'roll', but it really doesn't what matter what genre. Glasvegas respect this and will always give the crowd 100%. All we want is for everyone, including the band, to have a good time and go home safely.'

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