Go! Team soon to be gone team

Brighton-based indie noiseniks Go! Team have released their third album, Rolling Blackouts, with the sad news that it may be the group’s last outing.

The follow up to 2007's Proof Of Youth was released earlier this week. Songwriter Ian Parton told the BBC: ‘We don't wanna do a Jay-Z and say that and then three years later we'll be 'Hey again'. But it may well be, actually. It may well be the last Go! Team record. It might be the last year we're touring, certainly, the band.’

The hitmaker added that the new album ranks as the most eclectic the group has recorded

He said: ‘One second it could be early-'80s, woozy Boards Of Canada-y-kind of hip-hop, and then it could be an Enrico Morricone windswept song, and then it could be this groovy country thing or like a marching band song.

‘It was quite a natural thing for me, because I keep thinking 'That's the coolest kind of music... maybe we should be like that!' The challenge is to make a song be all over the shop but still to flow - that it doesn't sound too disjointed and that you're just doing things to be weird or whatever.’

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