Godlike? Genius? Noel Gallagher?

Anyone in any doubt that the currency of British music has been severely devalued should register that latest news from the NME. It seems that Noel Gallagher is to receive an award for "Godlike Genius" in the forthcoming NME awards.

Gallagher, up against the less-than-stellar intellects of brother Liam and "Bonehead", was undeniably the brains behind Oasis. It still seems something of a stretch to describe his work as genius though, when his creative spark managed to produce lines like "slowly walking down the hall, faster than a cannonball" and "love is a time machine, up on the silver screen".

To be fair to the monobrowed one, Gallagher’s best use of language usually came in his brilliantly opinionated interviews, so it makes sense for a music magazine to express their gratitude with an award.

The NME editor Kristi Murison explained: "For the best part of two decades, the voice of one man has dominated the pages of NME more than any other. That man is Noel Gallagher. Opinionated, intelligent, passionate and always hilarious – Noel walks and talks it better than any other musician out there, and it's just one of the reasons why the British public loves him so dearly."

Gallagher at least seems not to be taking the award too seriously. "I would like to thank NME for bestowing upon me such a great accolade," he said. "I have dreamt of this moment since I was 43 years old. I accept that I am now a genius, just like God."

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