Going, going, gone

You know how we were bigging up the announcements of Reading and Leeds Festival's line-ups the other day, and how you should sort yourself out with a ticket if you wanted to see Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon (Not to mention a host of other decent bands)? Well if you didn't get on it your only going to be disappointed, as they've almost entirely sold out.

All of the weekend tickets for this year's bonanza of music are gone, and all that remain are a few day tickets for the Leeds leg of the festival. So if you're in Yorkshire and want to see these groups, then get on the case.

'This is the seventh year in succession that both events have sold out within 24 hours of going on sale and I am very, very pleased of course,' said organiser Melvin Benn, while smoking a huge cigar. 'The stature of the events have grown and grown each year and this year's line up only adds to that.'

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