Good Evans!

The tabloids are stuffed full of details of the latest UK radio listener figures, and at first glance it looks like Chris Evans is in the firing line for losing 1m of his Radio 2 Breakfast Show audience in 3 months.

Indeed if that was all you read, you’d think, ‘ha, failure!’ But that is only half the story. Yes, he has shed 1million devoted listeners since his previous quarter, but in the aforementioned quarter he added 1.5m – smashing Terry Wogan’s biggest audience record. Which means that the Chris Evans Breakfast Show is still the 2nd biggest radio show in the UK EVER. A fine result, when put into perspective.

In other RAJAR news, Chris Moyles lost 200,000 listeners (now at 7.72m) and BBC 6 Music celebrated their successful save-the-station campaign by becoming the UK's biggest digital only radio station with a mega 1.19m, up from 1.02m 3 months ago and up from 595,000 a year ago.

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