Good Muse

Going to Reading or Leeds Festival this year? Then lucky lucky you. You’ll be one of the last people to ever hear Muse play their awesome progging-rocking album ‘Origin of Symmetry’ from live, start to end.

The album was released in July of 2001, so to mark it’s 10 year anniversary the Devonshire 3 piece have decided to give the tunes from it their last airing. Songs on the album include 'Newborn', 'Bliss', 'Plug in Baby' and the overplayed Nina Simone cover 'Feeling Good'.

Talking on Twitter about the news, drummer Dom said; ‘so we'll probably play Origin in it's entirety (as well other songs) at Reading/Leeds as it will be 10 years since it came out.’

Muse headline Leeds on Friday 26th and Reading on Sunday 28th. If Muse aren’t your thing, then you could always catch the last ever show from The Streets on the other stage.

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