Good taste

Lily Allen has poured scorn on David Cameron’s claim that her music was unsuitable for his daughter, saying that the potato-headed Tory leader would have kept himself quiet about that had she accepted their invitation to show up at their party conference. Someone at Central Office hasn’t listened to her music very clearly, have they?

Cameron had said he rows with his six-year-old daughter over the singer, who she is obsessed with. ‘I got one of those iPod connections for the car and my daughter is obsessed by Lily Allen, who I think is slightly unsuitable,’ he said to Shortlist. ‘So a bit of a fight takes place.’

‘Never mind. I don't think they'd have been denouncing me if I'd turned up at the Conservative Party conference. I got an invite to the Labour one as well,’ Allen said. ‘I thought that his favourite album that he likes listening to with his kids is the Arctic Monkeys, which if I'm not mistaken is all about one-night stands and prostitution.’

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