Good weekend

Purveyors of shimmering popsicles Vampire Weekend have had a decent time recently: their tours have gone very well indeed, and their well-received second album Contra has climbed its way to the top of the US album charts. Not only is this good news for the band, it’s also good for their record label XL, for whom its their first American chart topper. In fact it’s the first time any British indie label has made it to number one stateside since 1991.

Contra sold 124,000 copies last week, a staggering number for a relatively small outfit (and you can see how small an outfit they are by looking at the studio tour they gave the NME below), but their label boss Richard Russell seems to think they can make even more lovely money.

‘We’ve always seen Vampire Weekend as a band with limitless potential. They’ve now reached Number One in the world's biggest market with an original, inventive, self-produced album,’ said Russell, who founded XL Recordings in 1989. ‘They have toured tirelessly and built a loyal fanbase. As a completely independent label we are proud to have given such an independently spirited band a platform to achieve this great success without compromise.’

Hooray for independently spirited bands who achieve great success without compromise!

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