Goodbye iTunes?

iTunes is awesome, we know that, it’s brought us the entire content of a Virgin Megastore right to our finger tips and it’s so simple to use, one click and the new single from Take that can be yours. BOOM! But, is it the cheapest digital download store? In short, no.

When iTunes initially launched all song mp3s were prices at 79p, but last year Apple announced the iTunes LP (an album with song lyrics and maybe some added videos etc) they brought in their varied price range of 59p, 79p and 99p. Since then all the track that the mass populous want are 99p. Enter tunechecker.com, a very decent mp3 price comparison website.

The website collates mp3 info from all the major digital downloaders including iTunes, Tesco, HMV, Amazon, We7 etc and tells you the cheapest place you can make your purchase. For example Take That’s single ‘The Flood’ is 49p from Tunetribe and 99p at iTunes. Whilst Take That’s new album ‘Progress’ is £5 from 7digital and £7.99 from iTunes.

But the question is, are people willing to drop iTunes to save money? Probably not, that's marketing for you.

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