‘Gorillaz are s***!’

When you’re an outspoken pop culture icon such as John Lydon the only minor danger you face is that occasionally you seem like a caricature of yourself- and in this case a 2D caricature.

The Sex Pistols main main has never been one to mince his words and that’s one of the reasons he should be admired rather than laughed at. His other band Public Image Ltd (PIL) recently shared a stage at the Spanish festival Benicàssim which Rotten took as the perfect opportunity to lay into the cartoon act: ‘I really don't wanna talk about s**t like the Gorillaz, you know what I mean? Come on, I'm the originator - don't toss us with that’, he told the crowd’.

Adding: ‘I think there's less original talent now than 30 years ago. It's much more manufactured. And the shame is I opened so many doors for so many people and they've all foolishly slammed it behind them. So what you get now is a melange of s**t.’

Gotta love ‘im.

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