Gorillaz coming to a stocking near you

Gorillaz will release their fourth album as a free download on Christmas Day, damon Albarn has revealed.

And it could be the last hurrah for Murdoc and Co following rumours the band may call it a day.

Albarn had previously speculated that an album could be released ’before Christmas’, but now that former Britpopper has revealed that the new LP will form part of the Gorrilaz website’s digital advent calendar. In an interview with Australia’s Perth Now newspaper, he explained: ’ There is a daily door that opens to reveal a gift. On Christmas Eve a video for one of the new songs from the iPad album will be released. Then, on Christmas Day fans get the whole album downloaded to their computer for free as a gift.’

The album was made over the course of a month in hotel rooms while Gorillaz toured the US. ‘I literally made it on the road,’ Albarn said. ‘I didn't write it before, I didn't prepare it. I just did it day by day as a kind of diary of my experience in America. If I left it until the New Year to release it then the cynics out there would say, 'Oh well, it's been tampered with', but if I put it out now they'd know that I haven't done anything because I've been on tour ever since.’

And who said the Christmas spirit was dead?

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