Gorillaz on ice

Damon Albarn will be resting his popular group Gorillaz in 2011 to don a different hat and write a new stage show.

Gorillaz wrap up a star-studded world tour this month and Damon has confirmed they will take a hiatus in the coming year to focus on other projects.

Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, his Gorillaz collaborator, are to write a new stage production, commissioned by the Manchester International Festival (MIF) and English National Opera, as part of the London 2012 Olympic celebrations.

It will premiere at the MIF in 2011, which is why Gorillaz will have to wait in the wings until he’s finished with the production.

He tells Australian radio station Triple J, ‘I'm putting it (Gorillaz) back in a box for a while. Just putting it back on the shelf. I've got other stuff. I'm doing a piece for the Manchester International Festival about Elizabethan occult philosophy. It kind of was the end of magic and the beginning of science.’

Damon’s dabbling with the occult for 2011? We can’t wait to hear the results.

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