Gorillaz replace U2 at Glastonbury

A couple of days back we reported that Dizzee Rascal would be replacing boring old U2 at Glastonbury this year, with the likelihood being a rise in the general aceness of the festival. However, the organizers have snubbed Britain’s top boy with the mic, and instead have chosen another drab, tweedy act: Gorillaz. Booooooo.

‘This is going to be Gorillaz' only U.K. festival appearance,’ said festival organizer Michael Eavis. ‘And it will be a massive audio-visual spectacle which will really ignite the Pyramid on the Friday night, with Muse, then Stevie Wonder to follow.

‘I'm very excited about Gorillaz' show coming here because they're so open to guests and collaborations. The alchemy of Friday's show is going to be astonishing: a perfect, contemporary way to kick off the 40th anniversary celebrations. I am so grateful for the enthusiasm of the media and the whole of the music industry for their willingness and eagerness to support us in what could have been a crisis.’

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