Gorillaz: ‘Stylo’

Blur or Oasis? Oasis or Blur? Whichever side your allegiance lay on back in the thick of 90s Britpop, the pro-Gallagher argument is becoming weaker and weaker by the month. In a recent interview Liam even he admitted he was embarrassed by Oasis’ poor album to year ratio. On the other side of the fence Blur talisman Damon Albarn has been in creative overdrive ever since, churning out quality and quantity musical projects by the digital download store full.

Damon’s pet favourite, Gorillaz have released two studio albums since their inception over 10 years ago, both of which were critically acclaimed and sold more copies than all of Blur’s output combined. To say their forthcoming 3rd Long Player ‘Plastic Beach’ is highly rated would be a massive understatement.

The first single from the album is ‘Stylo featuring Bobby Womack and Mos Def’. It lives up to its billing as a ‘dark, twisted, trip hop track that sounds like Saturday Night Fever on MDMA’. But judging by the other guest appearance on the album (Mark E Smith, Snoop Dogg, Lou Reed, Gruff Rhys, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, Kano, De La Soul and the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble) expect there to be a lot more ear watering aural pleasure to come - certainly more than Noel & Liam’s impending solo albums.

Stylo’ is available to download from 26th January and ‘Plastic Beach’ follows on 8th March. And who said 3D was all the rage?

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