Goulding girl

It’s not long now until this infernal Royal Wedding is all over an done with: after this weekend’s horrors soon the focus will shift onto something else, like Jordan saying outrageous things about her sex life, or Cheryl Cole blinking.

However for now we’re all going to have to endure it, and if you have the misfortune of having to be around your nan’s place as she salutes our new royal couple, the darlings of the press pack and Middle England, you might at least be able to hear Ellie Goulding do her stuff at the reception. They are televising the reception, right?

‘Wills and Kate are huge fans of Ellie and were keen to sign her up,’ said a source to The Sun. ‘Her music goes down well with the young ones, plus a few of the older guests will be nodding their heads along.

‘They really wanted a top British talent and the couple are delighted Ellie agreed to perform. She can't wait - although she's a tad nervous.’

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