Graham Coxon: no future Blur plans for now

Blur guitarist Graham Coxon has confirmed that the Britpop legends have no current plans to play more live shows or record new material following their brief reunion tour earlier this year.

The London band headlined Glastonbury and T In The Park during the summer as well as playing a handful of their own gigs. But Coxon, speaking to the NME, made it clear that the four members of Blur have nothing scheduled at this time.

"We're in touch and we say 'Wotcha' and all that but nothing has been mentioned about any more shows or anything else," Coxon said. "Everyone's slipped back into what they do when the Blur creature isn't heaving around. Law and cheese and music, I suppose."

However, Blur fans can catch Coxon's solo project The Graham Coxon Power Acoustic Ensemble on tour in November. Graham Coxon will play: Manchester Royal Academy Of Music (November 11), Edinburgh Queens Hall (12), London Barbican Hall (28).

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