Grammys made me, says Adele

A recent scientific study showed that everyone in the world knows who Adele is: the north London soulstress has sold approximately a trillion albums in every market, and is going to be rich for the rest of her life, as long as she doesn't hire a dodgy accountant.

But how did she get so famous? We always thought that it would have been because of her show-stopping performance at the Brit Awards earlier this year, which saw a huge spike in sales of her albums, but the girl herself says that it was the 2009 Grammy wins. Adele won 'Best New Artist' and 'Best Female Pop Vocal Performance' two years ago, and she says that after that important people started to take notice of her.

'A lot more people were interested and aware of me after that,'Adele told The Sun. 'The Grammy travels worldwide. Every country has their own award but Grammys are special and everyone was very interested.

'It was weird because it was at the end of my campaign to promote 19 so I didn't really notice. But now I notice because everywhere I go it's my introduction. I feel like I'm in a secret members' club and I think I am going to get thrown out.'

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