Greatest EVER Glastonbury headliner revealed

If you’re reading this, you’re not going to Glastonbury - otherwise you’d be there, unless you took your laptop and one of those handy 3G dongles, and if you did that WHY THE HELL ARE YOU AT GLASTONBURY YOU NERD?

Anyway, it’s Glastonbury festival this weekend and to improve the hype lots of bods have been asking who are the greatest ever Glasto headliners. BBC 6 Music listeners have been voting for the last few weeks on their faves and yesterday they revealed that last year’s performance by Blur came top of the pops and Radiohead came 2nd and 3rd for their ’97 and ’03 shows respectively. Pulp in ’95 came 4th and David Bowie in 2000 5th.

Meanwhile Muzu.tv (no, we haven’t heard of them either) also conducted a poll which pitched Radiohead in ’97 at No.1, Paul McCartney in 2004 at No.2, Blue in 2009 at No.3, Jay-Z at No.4 and David Bowie at No.5.

Don’t cry if you wanted to go Glasto but couldn’t: BBC 6 Music are broadcasting live from the site 24 hours a day for the entire weekend. What? That’s not helping? At least you have Wi-Fi access.

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