Grime time appearance

London MC Skepta is aiming to be P Diddy’s partner in grime, as the American hip hop star heads to London to find out what’s ‘poppin’’ in urban music.

Tottenham-born Skepta, who remixed Diddy’s new song Hello, Good Morning, will be at hand to show Diddy behind the scenes at studios and concert venues.

Five years after it’s inception, it’s grime that has caught Diddy’s attention most. Skepta explained to Newsbeat: ‘[Diddy] said, 'You know, I can go to Radio 1, I can go to all these different stations, these VIP places, but I want you to show me grime. [So] I'm gonna take him about London and show him what's poppin'.’

The likes of Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryder and Roll Deep will be delighted, if not a little amused, at Diddy’s late arrival to the party. Grime began to emerge from east London over a decade ago.

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