Group of singing nuns from Malta are aiming success at Eurovision 2015

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The Eurovision has long been a place where anything goes and it looks like the 2015 incarnation will be no different if a group of singing nuns from Malta have their way. They will be diversifying slightly from their main job of looking after children in their home to sing a catchy pop number.

A group of 6 Ursuline nuns have entered the Malta National Eurovision Song contest in the hopes of making it to the Eurovision competition proper next year. The group is made up of Sister Michaela, Sister Madeline, Sister Monica, Sister Rita, Sister Claudia and Sister Denise. They will be singing a song called Love and Let Go which has been tipped to do quite well among the competitions 48 song entries.

The song was written by Maltese Eurovision legend Philip Vella who has had a whopping 5 songs make it to the Eurovision song contest to represent Malta. The song has an unusual theme but a fitting one for the nuns singing it as it centres around the Ursuline nuns experiences in raising abandoned children at their Sliema creche, loving them all and then having to let them go when they are old enough to leave.

Sister Michaela spoke the the Times of Malta on behalf of the group and explained how the whole thing came about. She said "At first we thought it was silly for nuns to enter the Eurovision Song Contest, we thought it wasn’t our place. But then we figured why not? We’re doing it for the church and for the children we help."

The nuns say that they find it hard to make the time to practice but they usually get a bit of time after mass each day. The sisters will learn their fate on the 21st and 22nd of November when the Malta Eurovision Song Contest takes place.

The 2015 Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Vienna, Austria after Conchita Wurst won the continent's heart in this year's competition. Wurst is currently reaping the rewards for her success as she is on tour supporting Lady Gaga on her World Tour.

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