Grumpy Gallagher

At the rate Noel Gallagher's going it won't be long before he gets a spot on BBC whinge-fest Grumpy Old Men. The Oasis star has been railing against the modern world on his blog, and it seems the ageing star doesn't like it one bit.

'I went into the HMV in Selfridges - I could spend two hours in there just looking at records - only to be told by one of the staff that they don't sell CDs anymore!! A ******* outrage,' said the curmudgeon.

'"It's the future," said the kid. "**** the future," said I. "IT. IS. THE. END. OF. THE. WORLD." So what happens now then? Do I actually have to buy a ******* computer to buy music?' Yeah granddad, get with the times, maaaaaan.

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