Guess who's back?

Much excitement was expressed by fans of that old style gangsta s*** when it appeared that a new track from Dr Dre’s even newer album – called Detox – was leaked on the internet. The unmistakable husky, grouchy tones of everyone’s favourite pensionable lyrical murderer are all over OG’s Theme.

Only they’re not. It’s actually ATL party rapper Ludacris who’s got his s*** popping off all up in this b****, yo (sorry, we’ll stop that now). Luda is actually pretending to be Dre, because it’s a reference track that he’s recorded for Dre to then record himself over. Got that?

Anyway Luda confirmed that it was him through his Twitter feed (where else, eh?), on which he said: ‘it was fun.’ Cheers for that Luda, top stuff. Video’s below, by the way.

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