Gunning for arrests

Once you become a rock wildman, it never leaves you. Take Motley Crue's Tommy Lee and Poison's Brett Michaels for instance: the middle aged rockers, whose music was never anywhere near as famous as their drink and drug antics (as well as their incessant shagging), could face gun crime charges, after they went to a gun range.

The pair were taking time off from their co-headlining US tour when they were taken to the range by a former police officer. They were photographed posing with guns, which was illegal under North Carolina state law as at least one of them has a criminal record. Now given that they were with a former copper you'd think that they would be OK, but they probably didn't reckon on local TV station WSOCTV, who told the police what had happened. How's your luck, boys?

'The sheriff and local police chiefs didn't know about it until we brought it to their attention,' said the station. 'It could be illegal if any of those men have criminal records that prohibits them from using guns. There were officers from the Rowan County Sheriff's Office, Salisbury and Spencer police departments with the rockers.

'We found that out when the sheriff and both chiefs called me to say they’re now investigating. The sheriff wants to know if the pictures show bad judgement, a policy problem or a crime.'

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