Gwen Stefani happy to put solo career behind her

No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani is so happy to be back fronting the band that she has no intentions of ever resuming her solo career. The band have reunited to record Push And Shove, their first album in ten years, and Stefani says the magic is back.

"I never need to do that or want to do it again," she told The Sun, admitting that performing and recording as a solo artist was problematic. "I'm happy being in No Doubt. And it's nice to have a record where there's no fat on it."

Working solo had been an experience, she said, but not always a positive one. "It was fun to experiment and work with outside writers but it was intimidating. Walking into a session with somebody you think is a genius, and they're sitting there going, 'I work with everyone - what have you got?' And you're, like, 'Not much. I don't even know how I wrote a song.' It's such a vulnerable situation to put yourself in."

During that time, she was still in touch with the rest of No Doubt, and still working on ideas with them. "We never split up,” she said. "We never fell out or went anywhere. People think there was a big hiatus but we were still working on stuff together. If not together then seeing each other for kids' events and birthday parties."

Push and Shove is released on September 24. Stefani is back in her comfort zone. "There's no place like home," she said. "We're so comfortable together, we understand each other. It feels, like, normal."

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