Gwen Stefani's London home burgled

A band of robbers broke into Gwen Stefani's London home on Saturday night while the No Doubt singer was on stage in Singapore. The burglars broke through the front door at the singer's £4m home in Primrose Hill.

However, the thieves were unable to enter the flat which Stefani shares with her husband Gavin Rossdale and their two children. Instead the raiders broke into and stole a number of items from the ground floor apartment that Stefani and Rossdale rent to Dame Elizabeth Forgan, head of the Arts Council.

With Stefani and family currently away on tour with No Doubt, the theft went unnoticed for 2 hours until a passer-by alerted police. The street where the raid took place is also home to celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his family as well as James Bond actor Daniel Craig.

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