Hail To The Twitter

The majority of what’s scribbled in 140 characters or less on Twitter is utter inane drivel, but some if it and its ethos has been a great tool to make things better. Case in point, BBC 6 Music has a lot to thank for the part Twitter played in it's saviour.

Radiohead guitarist Ed O-Brien has been praising the social networking site in a new blog titled ‘The Dignity Revolution’. In the blog he says social networking tools like Twitter and Facebooke have had a positive impact on places like Tunisia, Egypt and the UK.

It's in the arena of public protest’ he wrote. ‘that it seems Twitter and Facebook are increasingly the means by which popular movements throughout the world are able to come together and mobilise I have been so moved by the peaceful Jasmine revolution in Tunisia [and] the anti-Government demonstrations centred on Tahrir Square in Cairo.’

Adding ‘’social networking has helped facilitate the freedom to assemble peacefully and express oneself. Equally, in Britain it seems to be having a similar effect in helping essential protests being organised by students and groups such as UK Uncut against the Government's ill thought out cuts ... Well done those people!’

So Twitterers, give yourself all a virtual tap on the back.

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