Happy 70th birthday John Lennon

Come October 9th (and had he still been alive) John Lennon would have been 70 years old. It’ll be a special day not only for Lennon fans, but Beatles and music fans as a whole, and to mark the special day a time capsule ceremony is planned. Sounds great, but what the ‘eck is a time capsule ceremony? we hear you ask.

Well, fans the world over are being ask to send in birthday wishes, musical performances and personal thoughts on the icon's work before putting them, along with his post Beatles recordings, into a time capsule. This time capsule will then be locked away and reopened on October 9th 2040 – John Lennon’s 100th birthday.

Talking about the task, Yoko Ono said: ‘I am delighted to support this effort to help share John's music and messages of peace and love with the children of today and tomorrow. I know that John's work, life and dreams will help inspire them to bring a better world for everyone. Children Power!’

To send in your personal message go to BoxOfVision.com.

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