Hard luck haterz

You may remember that a while back a few Weezer fans tried to raise enough money to get them to quit, so disappointed were they with the bands recent output, and were going for the mighty sum of $10million in order to make them do so. Well tough luck haters! Rivers Cuomo says he ain’t going anywhere.

The lead singer of the band gave them even worse news than before, saying that he doesn’t think he’ll ever quit the band, even when he gets to the grand old age of 60. Good on you, Rivers.

‘There's a cut-off point, maybe 60,’ Cuomo said to Nola.com. ‘Assuming the audience still wants us to do this, I can see myself doing this for another 20 years or so. Then somebody's got to pull me off the stage.

‘It's so hard to leave this relationship once you're in it. Now it's easy for me to say, ‘I should retire by the time I'm 60’. But when I'm 59, I'll be thinking, ‘No! I don't want this to end’!’

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