Hard Rock Calling gets a line-up

Since its inaugural shows in 2006, Hard Rock Calling has been the premium event for middle aged suits with bald spots to watch musical legends perform their greatest hits live on stage. Over the year, you name it, if they’re still alive, they probably strutted their goods up there. The Who, The Police, Roger Waters, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton and Aerosmith have all played and last year saw its best line-up yet of Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder and Pearl Jam. Well, next year it’s back and today the first act has been headliner act has been confirmed.

The one, the only, white spray on jeaned clad Bon Jovi will play centre stage on June 25th and the best bit is that they have a Greatest Hits album to plug, so expect hit after hit after hit, should you be that way inclined. More acts will be announced in the coming months but if JBJ is for you then you need to get on the blower Monday 1st November at 9am, that number 0871 230 1094.

Hard Park Calling 2011 takes place at London’s Hyde Park.

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