Has Keith killed The Stones?

Keith Richards' new autobiography is a gold-mine of anecdotes and rock n roll folklore, but there's one man who won't be rushing out to secure a signed copy, and that's Mick Jagger. Apparently, Jagger is so angry at the revelations and taunts about his sexual capabilities, that friends say the band will never perform together again.

Richards discusses his damaging competitiveness with Jagger, which led them both to have affairs with each others girlfriends, most notably with Anita Pallenberg and Marianne Faithfull, 'I didn’t find out for ages about Mick and Anita, but I smelled it. Mostly from Mick, who didn’t give any sign of it, which is why I smelt it. You’ve got an old lady like Anita Pallenberg and expect other guys not to hit on her? I heard rumours . . . good luck to him . . . Anita’s a piece of work. She probably nearly broke his back.’

Richards continues, 'It wasn’t the first time we’d been in competition for a bird, even for a night on the road. Who gets that one? Who’s Tarzan around here? It was like two alphas fighting. Still is, quite honestly. But it’s hardly the basis for a good relationship, right?’ He later gets back at Jagger by taunting him about his affair with Faithful, ‘I was knocking ­Marianne, man. While you’re missing it, I’m kissing it.’

Hmm, very mature behaviour by a couple of OAPs...

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