Have yourself a Bottleneck Stomp

It seems like an age ago now, but at the tail-end of the 90s, when we were just losing interest in Britpop, a gangly gang of Americans from New York brought out an album that suddenly revived everyone's interest in American music.

And, no, we're not talking about the bloody Strokes. We're talking about Deserter's Songs, the magnificent 1998 album from Mercury Rev. Hits like 'Goddess on a Hiway' and 'Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp' made the band the smart choice for 1999, but their follow-up albums never quite recaptured the same majesty.

So this is great news: Mercury Rev are to play a special gig next May, in Camden's lovely Roundhouse, and will play the whole of Deserter's Songs, uninterrupted.

It's part of the Don't Look Back tour/festival thingy, which will also see the Flaming Lips perform all of 1999's The Soft Bulletin (which is also very, very exciting news).

It's a must-see, but don't rush to the phone yet- tickets don't go on sale till next week. The NME has the details.

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