He is the Wall-rus!

In case you had any doubt that John Lennon was the closest thing to what those ‘creationists’ call a ‘God’, the lovely bods at the English Heritage have unveiled a small blue plaque on a wall with his name on.

But where is it, I hear you scream? Well, it’s in that there London, on the wall of number 34 Montague Square where John Lennon & Yoko Ono once shared a flat together. If you don’t think this it truly worthy of some legal graffiti then the clincher for a blue plaque-thingy was that that the flat was the place where their iconic ‘Two Virgins’ album cover was shot. You know, the one where they’re stark-balls naked on the front.

Yoko, who was there to whisk away a sheet to unveil the sign said, ‘I am very honoured to unveil this blue plaque and thank English Heritage for honouring John in this way. This particular flat has many memories for me and is a very interesting part of our history. In what would have been John's 70th year, I am grateful to you all for commemorating John and this particular part of his London life, one which spawned so much of his great music and great art.’

It’s what he would have wanted, I think we’ll agree.

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