Heads up for Aerosmith fans

Watch out world, Aerosmith are back, with recording sessions ‘really good’ according to long term ‘smith collaborator Marti Frederiksen.

Frontman Steve Tyler’s back in the saddle, rejoining the group in the studio after acouple of years in which the frontman quit the group to concentrate on fixing a recurring drug problem .

He also fell out with guitarist Joe Perry over his decision to sign up as a judge on U.S. reality show American Idol, and Tyler recently admitted he hadn't been able to contact his pal for weeks.

Guitarist turned American Idol judge Joe Perry was absent from the sessions, and Frederiksen told Billboard.com that the rest of the group was ‘missing’ him – though they’d managed to come up with four songs in three days together.

Frederiksen said: ‘It's been really good, great. We've been playing songs, putting together riffs, having fun, laughing and working from noon to 11pm. We're just digging in, man.’

‘I think we can wind up with a lot of good stuff, and they've got a lot of great stuff already from the past that hasn't been finished, a whole stockpile that just needs to be produced up. I think they'll be in pretty good shape.’

The group’s last album, Honkin’ on Bobo, came out in 2004.

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