He'll beat it

Michael Jackson vowed that his comeback residency at the O2 Arena in London will go ahead- despite him having skin cancer. That's the action of a man who's either brave, stupid or financially in deep do-do.

The cancer was spotted on Jackson by docs in the last few weeks, who found cancerous cells on his upper body and pre cancerous cells on his face. But nevertheless, the £150million shows will be going ahead.

'Michael’s tests showed spots of skin cancer on his body, and cells which could turn to skin cancer on his face,' said a source to the Sun.

'He was at first very concerned, but says he has been assured by the doctors that they can treat this and he will recover. Michael is really looking forward to his concerts and is determined to wow his fans at each and every gig. 'He said he’s insisted that any treatment must fit around the concerts, and the show will go on.'

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